Buy Employment Authorization Document (EAD)

Buy Employment Authorization Document (EAD)

Buy Employment Authorization Document that allows you to work in the US . It takes just 5 working days to get your employment authorisation card without attending any interview . Those who have a nonimmigrant US work visa also need a permit to start working.

A US work permit can be of two types:

Permanent US work permit
Nonimmigrant visa US permit
This article will go through the nonimmigrant visa work permit and its details.

What is an EAD Card?

The EAD card, otherwise known as a work permit, is a document issued by USCIS that grants temporary employment authorization to foreigners in the United States. When you get an approved EAD, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) sends you thea card. The card looks like a regular ID card as in the sample below, but gives you permission to legally work in the US

The EAD is like a driver’s license for work. When you show your driver’s license, the authorities know you have permission to drive. With the EAD employers know you have permission to work in the US. Buy Employment Authorization Document

If you already have a nonimmigrant visa but do not have an EAD, then any employer will not let you start working. Working without a valid EAD could lead to USCIS revoking your visa or you could get deported.

What Are the Requirements for an Employment Authorization Document?

To be eligible to get an EAD, you must fulfill a few criteria. The requirements and criteria are in the EAD Instructions in the USCIS website. As an overview, you must be in these categories to apply for the EAD:

Asylee or Refugee and their dependents (spouse and children)
Certain nationalities

International students (such as F-1 visa or M-1 visa student)

Eligible Dependents of Employees from International Organizations, Diplomatic Missions, or NATO

Employment-Based Nonimmigrant (such as spouses of L-1 visa, or E-1 visa)

Family Based Nonimmigrant (such as fiancé visa, or K-3 visa dependent)

EAD applicant who has filed for an Adjustment of Status (you have applied for a Green Card)

The EAD instruction form has an in-depth description of each category. You must read the instructions to see which category you are in. Making mistakes on the category might lead to a rejection of your EAD.

The EAD is only for those who have a US nonimmigrant visa. If you have an immigrant visa or Green Card, you do not need an EAD. Your Green Card serves as a work permit and allows you to work

How Long is the EAD Valid?

After you get your EAD and start working, it is valid usually for 1 year. When the EAD is close to expiring, you must file a renewal within 180 days of it expiry. Depending on the type of visa you have, you can renew the EAD only one time or many times.

Is a visa the same as an employment authorization card?

Work Visa. Both, an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and a non-immigrant work visa allow the holders to work in the United States, but both documents are not the same. The eligibility requirements for an EAD is different from that of a work visa.

What if the EAD Has Incorrect Information On It?

If USCIS has issued your EAD but it has some incorrect information on it, you can file to have it corrected.

If the mistake was not due to a USCIS error, you must submit these documents:

A new Form I-765
The filing fees
Supporting documents
The card which has the mistake
If the mistake was due to USCIS error, then you do not need to submit a new Form I-765 or pay any new filing fees. You must submit:

The card which has the mistake
An explanation of the mistake
Supporting documents which prove the correct information